+157% revenue from Google Ads in 3 months

After the first 3 months of working with a client selling Sink Quality sinks, the results from Google Ads alone achieved a transaction value 157% higher than in the preceding 3 months. What was the key to success in this case?

About the brand

Sink Quality are high-quality sinks that combine functionality and unique design. Ergonomic models of sinks will meet the expectations of demanding customers, and a visually aesthetic product will add character to any kitchen. The store offers sinks, as well as accessories such as faucets, siphons and dispensers.

Google Ads Strategy

Performance Max

The main problem to be solved was a lack of product sales and a downward trend in customer acquisition through paid channels. The account was running Performance Max campaigns on a feed-only basis, which effectively limited the account’s growth potential.
A marketing strategy based on the entire sales funnel was implemented – from attracting attention with compelling video content, to promoting blog posts to the actual sale via product ads.

Google Merchant Centre

First of all, I started actively working with the Google Merchant Centre account. It was there that a group of products with the highest profitability was separated using labels and then selected products were separated into a separate product campaign. The whole was complemented by Performance Max campaigns grouped by product category.

DSA search campaign

A breakthrough for increasing results turned out to be the implementation of a dynamic search engine (DSA) campaign targeted at blog posts. This is where users solved problems that challenged them in real time (such as how to clean a sink). They also often headed straight to the store to buy the missing items.

YouTube Ads

The whole thing was rounded out with YouTube ads targeted from people building a house or watching content on furnishing a new home. This is where the strategy of acquiring the maximum number of users at the cheapest possible cost to target this group with relevant remarketing ads worked well.

The results of Google Ads activities

  • +157% revenue growth from Google Ads
  • ROAS 10
  • CTR of ads 1.65% (+25%)
  • cost per click -30%
  • +80% increase in clicks

Do you want to increase your company’s revenue?

The results presented are the result of a long-term strategy, a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge in the field of digital marketing. Use the form at the bottom and contact me so we can develop similar results for your company!

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