Digital marketing consulting&services

Do any of the following problems seem familiar to you?

  • the problem of finding new customers
  • customers leave your website without any action
  • social media sales fail to deliver the expected results
  • you are not reaching the right audience with your message
  • your business posts are only read on social media by your family and you don’t know how to change that
  • internet coach told you to set up LinkedIn but you have no idea why
  • you’ve heard from friends that Google Ads bring real profits, but you have no idea where to start

How may I develop your business?

I make a living by spending money and making your business earn even more of it. This is how I would explain most simply what performance marketing is all about. As part of my job, I select an advertising channel, and a suitable strategy and take care of optimization and reporting of results.
What would investment in advertising be without proper measurement? I also do complex marketing analytics, which means that your ads really are in good hands and my job is to prove it on numbers.

Google Ads is one of the world’s most popular advertising systems. It is simple and quick to set up and is billed under the PPC model or pay-per-click. It supports online businesses that have a website. There are search ads, display ads, video ads, product ads, and app ads. With the right type of pay-per-click strategy and correct account configuration, Google Ads supports the goal of any business, regardless of size: increased sales, increased brand recognition, more customers in the physical store, more website hits, or increased phone calls.

Activities you can entrust to me:

  • setting up and configuring a Google Ads account
  • assistance in connecting a payment card for billing, you have full control over your finances
  • preparation and development of account and campaign structure
  • development of advertising texts, keywords, audiences, and appropriate target group
  • comprehensive care of campaigns
  • budget monitoring
  • managing groups of recipients
  • selecting the right optimization strategy
  • profit maximization

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is my specialty and a must-have for any site on the Internet. Installed Google Analytics allows you to measure exactly which channels your users come from, check what and when they buy, and also analyze exactly which cities and languages your customers come from. This is especially important when expanding abroad when every such detail can determine the success your brand will have in another market.

How may I help here?

Do you have a specific question?

If you are not sure if your site analytics are correct or want to check the quality of your data, feel free to ask me in the form below. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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