You have probably been frustrated many times by incomprehensible messages sent from a website you could not access. In such a situation does it mean that there is something wrong with our computer or the error lies on the side of the website? I’ll explain this topic in more detail in this article, the purpose of which is to present the most popular http server codes that we can encounter in various online situations.

At the same time I emphasize that the following list absolutely does not exhaust the long list of all requests sent to the server, but it is also a subjective list of the most common messages I encounter.

What is the HTTP protocol?

HTTP code is a protocol for capturing resources and delivering search messages. It is the primary form of “communication” between a user and a server, and technically speaking, between a client and a server. Typically, a request is sent by a web browser, which intercepts the resource being searched and returns the request to the user. While this sounds complicated, the action could be to go to a website, shop online, browse websites, watch online videos, and any other activity in the virtual space.

Clients and servers use individual messages, sent to the server. The messages sent by the client are called requests, and the actions sent in response by the server are called responses.

User-agent in action

Interestingly, the request may also be sent by a robot indexing the site and informing the server about the content of our site. To make it easier for robots to move around the site, it is worth placing on the server a site map and robots.txt file indicating which pages are allowed and which are not.

The already mentioned robot communicating with our server is the so called user-agent. It is sent from the browser level to scan the content of our website. 

List of HTTP responses and errors

#100: information code

kod protokołu http 100

100 – request for further query to the server

101 – change of protocol

103 – connection too early

#200: success code

kod protokołu http 200

200 – returning the searched content

201 – saving the created document on the server

202 – query accepted for processing

203 – unauthorized information

204 – missing content

205 – restoring server content

206 – realization of part of server content

#300: redirection code

kod protokołu http 300

300 – multiple options for handling the request

301 – resource permanently moved to another URL

302 – resource temporarily found at another URL

303 – See other content similar to search query

304 – Content has not changed since the resource was uploaded

307 – Temporary redirect

308 – permanently moved content

#400: Customer application error code

kod protokołu 400

400 – invalid query

401 – unauthorized access

402 – payment required

403 – forbidden configuration

404 – resource not found

405 – forbidden method

406 – information method not allowed

407 – server authentication required

408 – end of server timeout

409 – resource conflict with request

410 – resource is no longer available

411 – required length

412 – condition cannot be satisfied

413 – Request length too long

414 – Request URL too long

415 – unknown request method

#500: server error code

kod protokołu 500

500 – internal server error

501 – not implemented

502 – gateway error

503 – service unavailable

504 – exceeded gateway time

505 – unsupported http version

507 – server cannot write data

508 – infinite loop of requests

509 – server temporarily unavailable

510 – missing http extension

511 – authentication required before access

I hope that the above http protocol codes will help you find the errors and messages that you encounter most often, it will certainly help to understand the mechanism of the site and also guide you to a potential solution to the problem of the site.

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