A new era of Linkedin monetization is coming, where soon most company profiles will gain the ability to be promoted. This is basically the equivalent of the Linkedin Premium feature, only that it’s for purposes related to our Linkedin page. What is the new Linkedin Premium Company Page service?

Linkedin Premium Company Page now available

LinkedIn Premium Company Page is a subscription to help you make your Page stand out and convert more LinkedIn members into clients for your business. Premium Company Page gives you access to certain features that are only available through premium. All admins of the Page with a Premium Company Page subscription can use the premium features.

Below are some screenshots from all along the path where I made the decision that I would test the new option. The cost is about $70 per month, the first 30 days free trial.

Linkedin Premium Company Page
Linkedin Premium Company Page

Features of premium page

  • custom testimonial from your clients
  • custom button for desired action (book an appointment, visit website etc)
  • auto-invite content engagers
  • option to see who visited your page
  • AI writing assistance
Linkedin Premium features
Premium Linkedin

LinkedIn Page visibility

Admins of Premium Company Pages can review a list of recent visitors to their Page, subject to those visitors’ privacy settings. You can control whether organizations can see that you’ve visited their Page by updating your Page visit visibility settings. When the toggle is turned on, organizations can see that you’ve visited their Page. You can turn the setting on or off at any time. 

Keep in mind that admins of a Page with a Premium Company Page subscription might only see a limited number of Page visitors. When you visit a Page and your Page visit visibility setting is turned on, here’s what admins can see: 

  • Job title 
  • Industry  
  • Full name 
  • Photo  
  • Location

Page admins who don’t subscribe to a Premium Company Page might see the job title and industry of some Page visitors. You can change your Page visit visibility setting at any time, but if you previously visited a Page while this setting was turned on, those visits might still appear to Page admins for up to 365 days.


The new service from Linkedin is definitely worth testing. As you can see, this medium does not give up on testing more solutions to encourage users to interact more with brands. And at the same time monetize it a bit.