case study

One of my clients came up with the innovative idea of starting a start-up that would operate on a rental basis. The goal was to encourage users to click on a so-called “fake button” to verify the thesis of how many users actually need such a service. The goal was simple: to personally deliver each order and learn in-depth about the needs of the ideal user.

Marketplace development using Google Ads

Google Ads campaign goal: to acquire users who actively use rental services
Resources used: performance max campaign, search network campaign for selected keywords.

Marketplace started from the very beginning, hence the first key decision was to spread awareness of the new service as much as possible. The key was to reach out to the local community in particular, and the first results soon followed.

case study Sparee

The next step was to increase the variety of channels for attracting potential users. The Core of the entire strategy was Google Ads, and they drove the most traffic to the site. In the next step, this traffic was directed to remarketing with offers only for returning users.

case study Sparee

The final element of the established quarterly plan was the collection of relevant events on the site. The key event was the “Rent an Item” button with which we could measure exactly how many leads we could generate in 90 days. The number of total events (button clicks) throughout the quarter was over 600.

Key results

  • +300 events (click button) in first 30 days
  • 1000 new users per month from scratch
  • 50% traffic from Google Ads

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