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How it started: find the right marketing inspiration

My name is Kinga and I am located in Berlin on a daily basis, although I regularly visit my hometown in Poland. My adventure with marketing began uncharacteristically, but it was in addition to my studies, which were my great passion. I studied international relations and, like any student, while avoiding study, I looked for fascinating series. And so by chance I came across a great work that tells the story of marketing agencies in the 1960s in the US. I felt that I wanted to have my own story, related to marketing, and so my journey began.

Advertising is based on one thing – happiness.

Mad Men

Later, I gained experience in digital marketing agencies and began by exploring the world of SEO, through comprehensive marketing services to the fascinating world of advertising and web analytics. In the latter, I decided to stay in it for a bit longer and I continue in it to this day. Below are some photos of me in action.

digital marketing consultant
Ask about SEO; ICEA Group

How is going: marketing but above all data-driven

Long story short, after a difficult road I took a risk and decided to start a new phase of cooperation with clients who do not find themselves in the world of modern digital marketing. Combining my knowledge and experience in performance marketing, I founded Light Bubble Agency, a data-driven company that specializes in acquiring paid website traffic. If you have time, be sure to check out the organization’s website or Linkedin.

How will be: a future under the sign of numbers

Today’s online marketing is fraught with a sea of challenges: the sunset of Universal Analytics, the limitation of the cookies, the increasing automation of advertising and the growing challenges with reliable reporting. I am well aware of this, which is why I have decided to focus much more strongly on the analytical aspects, working with customers. I love numbers and at the same time I am creative and it gives me great fun to invent and create new things. That’s why my clients can count on reliable analytical support, comprehensive service in the field of Google Analytics 4, server-side tagging or implementation of consent mode related to the management of cookies.

Sound like black magic? Relax, that’s what I’m here for. Drop by to say hello in the contact form below and let’s stay in touch!

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