Those who keep a close eye on Google’s news and changes have probably already seen Ads Creative Studio, which is designed to encourage users to design their own banners. However, this is not the first such tool, aiming to make it as accurate as possible to users’ expectations. More about it in my article, which I invite you to read!

Do I still need a graphic designer?

Yes. End of thoughts, because any graphic tools provided by Google, will never replace the holistic skills to create, create and understand the identity of the entire brand. We are talking not only about the graphic layer itself but also about what the brand is supposed to represent. So let’s take a look at how Google has interpreted the profession.

Banner design v2

A few years ago, a tool has already been developed to simplify the design of graphics and make them as compatible as possible with Google’s requirements. It’s called Google Web Designer, and completely subjectively, I rate this tool as highly complicated and hindering the composition of banners on a larger scale. However, it looks like Ads Creative Studio is meant to be an outstretched hand on consent and encourage the use of ready-made templates on a larger scale.

Note: Graphic banner templates can be used only in Display&Video 360. Video templates, on the other hand, are only in Google Ads.

New rhythm of banner design

All we need to do is create a free account and then link it to our DV360 account and we can get started. Ads Creative Studio is a tool designed to support us in designing banners in both ad network and video format. We can choose between ready-made designs or upload our own file in html5 format.

When we select an ad format, a whole page of ready-made, and importantly, interactive banners is displayed. I must admit that they catch the eye, are extremely dynamic and fit into the current trends of ad design according to Google’s standards. Anyway, this is not surprising, since that was probably the purpose of the tool. I decided to see if I could create a moving banner without many graphic skills.

The use of Ads Creative Studio templates

Basically, it’s only by going into a given template that we will learn more details. This interactive template that caught my eye is customized for programmatic formats in Display&Video 360. You can edit it right away in Web Designer if you have it, but use the ready-made template.

In the next step, we specify whether we want to customize our design. The “no” option means that we will apply one design to all campaigns, in the “yes” option we can vary the graphics and text per ad group.

The next step is to add all the required elements, and Google itself will create 21 combinations in all variations. The creation prepared in this way is ready to be exported to our linked account. For the sample creation, I have used an image under a free license from Pixabay.

Where can I use these banners?

The good news is that we can create banners and video. The bad news is that we can only apply video directly to Google Ads. All the templates from the ad network are only applicable in DV360. However, it is an incredibly inspiring source of ideas and concepts for interactive banners.


Ads Creative Studio is a really interesting tool that can be good support for our display and video efforts. Of course, at the moment, it is not tailor-made for the needs of other advertising systems, but there is a lot of potentials here for use in all types of Google Ads.

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