Do you even realize that LinkedIn is the perfect advertising solution for B2B? It’s surprising how many users aren’t aware that ads appear super naturally on this platform. This is not going to be a short post, so browse the table of contents I’ve prepared at the top, and then jump to the content you happen to need. There’s a surprise waiting for you at the end! Feel free to check out the post!

What do you find in my article?

Why should you consider Linkedin Ads?

To understand how best to advertise on LinkedIn, it’s important to start with the reason and your goal. I’ll introduce you the LinkedIn audience and environment and the reasons why other marketers make LinkedIn a part of their advertising strategy. Personally, I was always really curious about this format.

LinkedIn is perfect platform to the largest global community of professionals, from senior-level influencers to individual contributors. What’s more, people come to LinkedIn to invest time, not waste it. That means, this is a platform ideally suited for marketers to connect with B2B and buyers making relatively high-consideration decisions and purchases.

How to set up a Linkedin Ads account?

Go to Linkedin Campaign Manager and create new account for your company. Pro tip: use the name of your company for your ads account, it’ll be easier later to find it.

Linkedin Campaign Manager roles

  • Account Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Creative Manager
  • Viewer
  • Billing Admin
Linkedin Campaign Manager roles
Linkedin Campaign Manager roles

You will need a LinkedIn Page for your brand in order to set up LinkedIn Ad Campaigns. But that’s not the only reason to create and operate an active LinkedIn Page. It’s good practice to keep everything in one place.

Campaign Manager is LinkedIn’s ad management platform where you can create, launch, and evaluate the performance of your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

How to connect a payment card on Linkedin?

Just created an account but wondering how to add a payment? Without it, your account will not start, so make sure everything is ready to go.

  1. Click Account Settings on the left menu, then click Billing center.
  2. Click Manage credit card next to your payment method on the billing center page.
  3. If you’re adding a credit card to your ad account for the first time, click Add credit card in the middle of the page.

Read more in Linkedin Helpcenter.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers several payment methods. The primary methods of payment available are:

  • Credit card – offered to everyone who use Campaign Manager to manage and run campaigns.
  • Monthly invoicing – invoicing lets you run ads on credit and reduces the number of monthly transactions by consolidating your ads costs into a single monthly invoice. Your eligibility for monthly invoicing is subject to credit approval.  

When the payment method for your ad account is by credit card, how often you’re charged depends on how quickly ad spend is accrued. The frequency of charges can be daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Linkedin app

How to set up new admin?

Set Up Page Admin Privileges

LinkedIn Pages offer page admin and paid media admin roles to allow for tiered levels of management for all activities related to your Page. A member can have page admin and paid media admin roles assigned at the same time. These roles can be granted to members, associated employees, and advertiser. You can learn more on the Help Center.

There are three types of Paid admins: 

1. Sponsored Content Posters can share and sponsor updates on an organization’s LinkedIn Page.

2. Lead Gen Forms Managers can download leads from Campaign Manager. 

3. Landing Pages Managers can create and edit Pipeline Builder Landing Pages.

Linkedin profile

How to target ads on Linkedin?

The best in Linkedin is definitely targeting. You can choose many options to reach your potential clients. You can target following attribution:

  • Company: Company Connections, Company Followers, Company Industry, Company Name, Company Size
  • Demographics: Age and Gender
  • Education: Degrees, Fields of Study, and Member Schools
  • Job Experience: Job function, Job Seniority, Job title, Member Skills, and Years of Experience
  • Interests: Groups and Member Interests

Note: Location is the only mandatory targeting field!

Linkedin account

Best practices

To increase the chances of success for your Linkedin ads, don’t forget to have a solid foundation. According to Linkedin, the important things are:

  • be relevant and authentic, show all your services and solve the problems of your target audience
  • pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views
  • post 4x per week
  • according to Linkedin data, pages that reach 150 followers are more likely to grow faster
  • ad headlines under 150 characters lead to more engagement

It wasn’t the shortest post, but Linkedin Ads is a topic about which a lot can really be said and written. I’m very glad you stayed with me to the end! If you are reading this, it means that the topic is very important to you. Fill out the form below and write socialsellingLI in the body, and you’ll get a free consultation from me with an action plan on Linkedin!

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